in the past three days i have:

- fallen

- been stung by a bee

- had furnace issues

it appears that horse shoe my dad joked that i had up my ass has malfunctioned.

I keep thinking some people say “people/person of color” to avoid saying “Black” in the moments where they actually are referring to a Black person.

It is a milquetoast way of saying certain things for certain people.

I find it incredibly intellectually lazy when folks insist on saying POC instead of just referring to folk with specificity. Is it that really that hard? 🥴

Cause every time someone calls me a POC I tell them I do not self identify as such and that I am Black.

Major League Baseball has lost the public’s trust when it comes to the construction of its baseballs.

@EvanDrellich on MLB’s oversight of Rawlings, its failure to understand its own product and what happens from here.

i’m on my way to work but i’m pretty sure i’m still drunk from celebrating @MajaLeeg last night. cause i am floating to “drank in my cup” this morning.

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