new shit, new shit.

21 Aug , 2018 Uncategorized

…well, actually. just some updates.

i am this week’s co-host on Burn It All Down with Jessica and Amira. we talked about a bunch of these and i got to throw Ohio State football on the burn pile. the link is on my listen page but it’s also right here because who wants to click multiple times?

which reminds me, if you’re ever looking to see what i’ve done lately, check those pages! the written stuff is on read, the recorded stuff is on listen. really obviously creative page titles, yeah?

i’m not writing anything at the moment, but i feel like i should. i have a bunch of info swirling in my head, but i get stuck on “well, how interesting is this to anyone other than me?” the worst. honestly.

cleveland beat boston last night. in boston. and this is what is gonna power me through today.

and, lastly, i need a baseball apple music playlist. maybe i’ll make one.

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