midnight laundry

31 Jul , 2018 Uncategorized

it seems i do my best (or worst?) thinking late at night when i am unable to sleep. i find myself trying to be productive with the time so i do chores. namely, laundry. i sometimes wonder what my downstairs neighbor thinks of this, but i’ve never asked. i feel like we have a mutual understanding when it comes to noise; if the noise is bearable, you deal. mostly because neither of us is very noisy often. anyway, back to the point.

after midnight, when i’m doing my laundry, i have the most random thoughts. sometimes they’re hella profound, sometimes they’re absolutely silly. most of the time, i forget them by the next morning because maybe they were just meant for that moment. i dunno.

that said, i hope to start occasionally posting what happens in those moments in this space.

here’s hoping it’s as interesting outside of my head as it is in.



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